5 Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Luxury Car

It’s not a secret that this time of year in Austin, TX is hot. Very hot! While you may think about the heat in terms of how expensive your electric bill will be next month or how much sunscreen you need when you go outdoors, you also need to consider your car. The heat does a lot to your vehicle as well, unfortunately. Thankfully, with a little extra attention, your European luxury vehicle can make it through the Summer unscathed and remain in pristine condition. Just keep an eye on a few of the systems that are most likely to feel the heat:

#1 Coolant System. First and foremost, it is crucial to keep your car cool. This is what the coolant system does. In addition to checking the level of coolant fluid in your car, go the extra mile and have a professional inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir. They should be looking for leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block.

#2 Engine Belt. Your engine belt can deteriorate, become loose, start to squeal, and sometimes just break for no apparent reason in the heat. It needs to be in good condition and at the right amount of tension. If there are any cracks in the belt or small pieces missing, it’s time to replace it.

#3 Air Conditioning System. While you keep your car cool, don’t forget about you and the other passengers inside as well! Air-conditioning is a summer essential for Austin, TX. If your system hasn’t been working properly but wasn’t really a pressing issue over the winter, now’s the time to get serious about fixing it.

#4 Windshield Wipers. Summer isn’t just about hot temperatures; there is also a lot of rain! If your windshield wipers aren’t working correctly, you can’t drive in the rain- which is pretty much every day. Worn wipers create nasty streaks across the windshield and can affect your vision, causing a safety hazard. Luckily, replacing them doesn’t cost much.

#5 Tires. Technically, your tires need to be in top condition all year round. However, since Summer is the time for road trips, you’ll need to make sure your tires are safe before heading out on the road. The pressures must be correct, treads should be free of stones and stray nails, and all four should be in good condition.

For any of these, and all other maintenance needs your European car may have, bring your vehicle to European Motorwerks. We service BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MINI Cooper, Porsche, Land Rover, and Volkswagen vehicles. To book an appointment, either call (512) 508-8966 or request a time for your car’s maintenance through our website.

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