Volkswagen Preventative Service in Judges Hill , TX

Are you a proud Volkswagen owner in the Judges Hill area? Congratulations on being a part of an elite group. You bought your VW to enjoy a safe and secure ride, and look fabulous while doing it- not worry about whether it will start when you turn the key. Sticking to your recommended preventive service schedule is the key to avoiding this embarrassing situation.

Following your Volkswagen’s recommended preventative service schedule can ensure that you are doing everything you should be to not only retain the value of your vehicle, but keeping it performing as safely as possible. This general list of service items can give you a good idea of what items need to be regularly cared for as a part of your Volkswagen’s preventative maintenance. Every 10,000 miles, your vehicle needs these things checked and inspected:

  • Change oil and replace oil filter
  • Check cleaning functionality of rear window
  • Reset the service interval display
  • Rotate tires, front to rear
  • AdBlue Fluid: Check fluid level and add additional fluid if needed
  • Airbag system: Perform visual inspection.
  • Check for damage and function on windshield washers, headlight cleaning system, and wiper blades. Check fluid level and add if necessary
  • wiper blades.Check fluid level and add if necessary

This list is not limited to everything you may need done, though. Your exact maintenance will depend on the exact model and condition your vehicle is currently in. Classic Volkswagens often need more attention to continue running smoothly, although driving such a classic car is certainly worth it.

Cars are an investment, and with every car there are certain things that need to be maintained to ensure that you are taking the best possible care of your investment. Your Volkswagen sedan or SUV is no exception. Scheduled preventive maintenance, done at European Motorworks, will minimize your costs and preserve your vehicle’s performance. We will take the best care of your luxury car by using only OEM-original parts and factory-trained technicians. You contact us by phone at 512-508-8966 or fill out our easy online form to request an appointment. Don’t let anyone else go under the hood of your german auto machine!