Fuel Injection Servicing in Judges Hill, TX

Has your auto service technician recommended a fuel system cleaning or you saw it listed in your suggested maintenance laid out by the manufacturer? If so, you may be wondering what type of service this is and why you need it. First, you must understand how the engine of a modern car works. While old-fashioned cars had a carburetor that fed fuel to the engine, these carburetors were far from efficient and auto manufacturers eventually developed a fuel injection system that electrically controlled fuel injection. These complex systems now provide much more accurate fuel monitoring. They aren’t perfect though, and due to their complexity, these systems need periodic servicing to continue to run efficiently.

At European Motorwerks, we recommend this service every 30k miles or two years. If it has been a while, or you have never had this service done to your car, it may be time. Cleaning your car’s fuel system every few years will ensure that your car performs efficiently, extends the life of the original engine, improves engine performance, and increases fuel economy. If you ignore the recommendation to have this service done, your fuel injector will eventually become clogged. This causes poor acceleration, lower power, and other serious problems with your engine down the line.

Here at European Motorwerks, we can provide this service for all Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI Cooper, Porsche, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Volvo vehicles. Call us now and schedule a fuel injection service appointment at (512) 508-8966.